Thursday, 23 August 2012

Review and Ideas L'Oréal Paris Super Liner, Perfect Slim

L'Oréal Paris Super liner, Perfect Slim, RRP £6.49

I've been on the hunt for another liquid eyeliner for ages! I've tested out gel liners and they are lovely, but not for me. I like precision and accuracy. This pen has a felt tip nib that thins towards the end making sure you can get accurate definition! I've always used liquid eyeliner and I'm a sucker for a big winehouse wing. The nib is 0.4mm and should give you the thinnest of lines if you wish. I love quite a thick line for the night time so I go over the original line to make it more dramatic! This pen has a grip area to keep control of the pen. The ink doesn't come off easily and stays put all day! In the past, I've used eyeliners that can appear cracked after a while and don't sit well with eyeshadows. I've had no trouble with this one so far and I'm in love with the product. In the day time, you can use the tip of the pen to outline the eyelid for a simple look. In the nightime, you could sweep the pen across the entire lid and create a flick as big as you want to define the eyes!

Smokeyblush tip : Use the end of the nib to gently outline your lower eyelash lid to create definition. 


Nicola Purkins said...

Hi :) found your blog through the KBG RT, is so cute, i love a good beauty blog and yours is really informative :)
Newest follower :)
Nic @ our little balham life

Leslie Hernandez said...
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Leslie Hernandez said...

I like this eyeliner too it is awesome sometimes we try some many eye liners till we find a few the work for us. Like your blog keep up the good work you can check out mine if you wish I am kind of new at this but youre doing good.