Monday, 11 February 2013

Ruby Red : Natural Botanical Body Cleanser


This little gem appeared in my bathroom over the festive period and it's become a firm favourite in my shower routine. Everything about it is refreshing and soothing on the body.

Ruby Red is a company based on natural botanical ingredients for sensitive skins types that are irritated by harsh chemicals in every day street brands. This cleanser is oil based and aims to revive the skin by reaching underneath it, this is what I need, something that really does great for the under layer of skin which gives you an overall healthy glow. No chemicals are used in their products and they are not animal tested!

This cleanser may seem a little steep in price, but it's worth the money if you intend to have the perfect body cleanser by your bath tub for a good few months! There's lots to it and you only need a couple of drops as it lathers perfectly! Massage into damp skin and rinse off under warm water! It smells divine, with ingredients of Aloe Vera, Coriander, Mandarin, Lime and Cedarwood, it's a perfect relaxing shower treat!

Have you tried it? Have you used Ruby Red before?

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Ojon Dry Recovery Review


 I've recently had my hair dip dyed and I always knew that this came with the consequences of dry and brittle ends. I searched around Youtube for some hair care routines and noticed Lily Pebbles really recommended this brand. I have always been too reluctant to purchase any Ojon because of the price tag that comes with it - a hefty £18 for the shampoo and £19.50 for the conditioner (both 250ml)... OUCH!

However, with my John Lewis partnership discount, Ojon pulled my arm and persuaded me to buy the set.
To be honest with you all - I haven't seen great results, and this makes me sad.

Compared to a average high street conditioner such as L'Oreal or Tresemme, there isn't a great difference. I acknowledge that there is less chemicals and greater natural goodness in Ojon bottles such as Ojon oil, Blue Agave, Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Babassu Oil but the results seem to be the same?!

I haven't tried any of their other products yet and I would love to try their hydrating masks, I hear great things about these! Maybe my hair is beyond dry and it will take a little more than a conditioner to help?

Here's where you guys come in, please link any hair care posts for dyed hair below in my comments box. Have you tried Ojon before? Have you tried their ranges/masks/oils? What did you think?

 Help me out guys!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Betrousse Beauty box review

Hello ladies,

I call myself a beauty blogger yet I have never tried a beauty box before.....HMPH! The time has never come around for me to try one out and my bank balance would certainly disagree as a student living out! The kind ladies behind 'Betrousse' offered me to review their fairy box which was sent out during the Christmas period, and I was really happy with the results.

Unlike most beauty box companies, you get full sized products, no samples (We like this!) More for our money and the products last longer than two weeks, giving it a sturdy test over time!

*£97 worth of products and only for £19 exluding p&p

Want a little sneak peek into what I got?




I have to admit I was really chuffed with everything, I've been testing it this week and I'll be putting up the reviews in the upcoming weeks. I won't be trying the diet pills, they're not my kind of 'cosmetic'. I'm quite content with my figure/weight at the moment and don't believe in pills to make it better but as far as diet pills go, these are widely used and are promoted by magazines such as Cosmo!
So what do you think? Are you interestd to try?
Here is the link : BETROUSSE ( the next box looks amazing!)

I wish the best of luck to this French company!
Lauren xo

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Adventures : Switzerland

Howdy, something different on the blog today!

What springs to mind when you think of Switzerland? Cheese? Bankers? Swiss Air? Hot chocolate ? Or maybe those snowy Alps?

Well, I am lucky enough to have a brother who lives in Zurich, so I couldn't give up the chance to go. I've been twice, once on a mini adventure and secondly to do some work experience in the university of Zurich economics research department (YES, it was scary). BUT, back to the point Lauren, you can enjoy the countryside, opt for a ski in the alps or do a little bit of city sight-seeing.

 Zurich ; is one of the richest cities in the world, you might have to break your piggy bank if you want to do a little shopping. However, there is SO much more to do there without breaking the bank. For a mini weekend away, it's perfect!

I visited Zurich initially, where I took strolls alongside the river, ( you can even travel down a few of the rivers in a doughnut ring!!) had a bite to eat just round the corner of the richest hotels and businesses, took myself off to the Zurich zoo (It's huge) and had a beautiful relaxing drink in the sunshine overlooking the city.

I took the train from Zurich station to Bern where I then caught the train to Interlaken ( the train journey is beautiful, the railway takes a route alongside the peaceful and beautiful lakes between the mountains, almost as if the railway is on the edge of the water). I then took a little train up to the mountains of Grindelwald. With snowy mountains(Mount Eiger included), wood cabins and cows with bells, this is the PERFECT romantic getaway. It's also amazing for those outdoor sports people, you can ski, snowboard, hike and take a zip wire through the mountains!!)

I stayed at a beautiful little wooden hotel overlooking Mount. Eiger, it was incredibly peaceful and the view was INCREDIBLE,one of the best I've ever seen. I remember waking up, looking out and thinking ' Is this real?' I was able to sunbathe on my balcony whilst overlooking snowy mountains, incredible. I also witnessed a few Avalanches......
I travelled toWengen which is 1,274m up into the mountains, the air is definitely fresh.
If you're feeling brave, you can head up to the Jungfrau region(4,158m) where you can stand at the highest point of Europe, also one of the Bond films was filmed up there too! It's a place of natural beauty but great happenings.

It's a truly beautiful place, and there is so much to discover, save those pennies! You can usually get cheap-ish flight with 'Swiss Air' if you book in advance!
Have you been before? Would you like to?
Any questions, feel free to leave a comment or ask me on twitter : @smokeyblush

Here are a few snaps, mostly taken with phone/little camera, so excuse the photography!

 Our beautiful hotel,  marshmellows roasting on a fire anyone?

 Love this picture, I'm so happy amongst the beautiful nature!