Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Review and Ideas: Balance me beauty

 Daily Essentials Pure Skin Face Wash 15ml RRP £3.50
Daily Essentials Balancing Face Moisturiser 10ml RRP £6.00
Radiance Face Mask 15ml RRP £4.50

I've heard great things about Balance Me beauty products and they couldn't be more right! I sent for some mini products to find my feet with what I could order more of in the future,now, I want it all.

Firstly, the pure skin face wash ; Initially, I was pleased to see that the product contained no petroleum or sulphate which can irritate the skin. This face wash is the most innocent of them all out there! It contains grapefruit extract, frankincense oils, an anti oxidant named moringa, rice bran oils and spruce knot to create an even complexion with a polished look. I noticed the floral smell instantly with a hint of medical aromas. I also noticed that a little on your finger tip goes along way when mixed with tepid water. Circulate your finger tips on your cheeks, nose trip, forehead and chin once applied to create a layer of face wash. To apply over eyes, I put a little bit on a warm cloth and run it over my eyelids to protect the delicate eye area. I loved this face wash as it was good value for money and it gets rid of daily grime and dirt that develops on the face. 
Secondly, the Balancing face moisturise, I only really saw the effect after using my three products in a row, but it was a great effect. I applied over my face and décolletage and saw a noticeable change, especially to my cheeks, they felt softer, and appeared more balanced and calm. Sometimes, after doing a cleansing routine followed by a moisturising session, I have found my face stays red and patchy for a few hours. My least favourite out of the three, yet it was still a great buy for the price!

Lastly, my favourite of them all! The Balance me Radiance Skin Mask-AMAZING. This three in one skin mask exfoliates, cleanses and brightens the skin with it's natural ingredients. The mask contains ground walnut shells that exfoliate the dead skin cells and removes the layer of grime. It contains a fruit acid complex to restore your natural radiance too! I noticed the aroma was very similar to the other products and felt It was a little medical and needed a hint of zingy fruit to make applying more fun! Apply to the face using a circular motion to let the groundnuts to their work! Leave for five minutes and remove residue with a damp cloth. This was my favourite as my natural face oils had been replenished and my skin tone felt even and not irritated like most masks leave on my face!

Thank you BalanceMeBeauty, love your stuff,



MissB said...

I got the rose lip balm in Glamour magazine recently and in my She said Beauty box subscription. I love it! Have done a review of it over at my blog, come and check it out :) xx

Beauty Balm said...

I love Balance Me, its a great range x