Monday, 6 August 2012

Review and Ideas: Benefit Benetint


Benefit Benetint Rouge RRP £24.50
This rose tinted stain is PERFECT for adding a little colour to the cheeks and the lips. I fell in love with the product straight away. Benefit's first ever product smells and feels fantastic. Initially, seeing blusher in a bottle is confusing yet intriguing. I was advised by one of the lovely Benefit ladies to create whisker features on the cheeks and then simply rub in with the tips of your fingers across your cheekbone. To apply to the lips, use a fine haired brush to create a natural sheer finish. It is a really simple quick application process and the fine brush imitates a nail varnish brush making it easy to blush the cheeks using three dots across the apple. I've had this bottle for a couple of months and It's lasted me well so far, so for just over £20, it's a good buy and the stain lasts all day. Not to forget, It smells refreshing and summery making it a pleasure to apply!

Smokeyblush TIP : Three whisker strokes will illuminate the cheek bones perfectly once rubbed in with the tip of a finger.

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