Friday, 31 August 2012

Holiday Essential : Aussie Miracle Moist Shampoo


So, I went jetsetting again, but only to a very familiar place, Crete. I consider Crete to be my second home as my beloved family liver here and hey, who can resist relaxing with family in the sun for a week or two? Not I. So anyways, I'll be doing a few holiday essential posts this week and this is my first one! This my friends, is 300ml of GREATNESS. If like me, your hair disagrees with all the sun and salt water, you need a trustworthy shampoo to retain the balance of natural oils in your hair to keep it happy and healthy. I am a huge fan of this stuff, and at £4.49, it isn't too steep. On the bottle, it states that the shampoo is for hair that is dry/damaged/a bit unhappy. 

This bottle of moisture infuser is fantastic for damaged hair after a day in the sun, helping to condition the hair and smooth it out. (My hair goes crazy frizzy in the heat). Aussie have a unique formula consisting of Australian Macadamia nut oil and aloe vera helping to lock in the moisture. Oh did I mention the smell? It's just too good. Levaes it smelling AMAZING and bubblegum-ey all day too. Put a little into your hands and circulate the scalp and make sure you rinse through properly. Leaves my hair feeling glossy and healthy for the night time. Definately one of my holiday essentials. 

Smokeyblush TIP : Pick up smaller travel-size bottles at the airport so you don't have to worry about the waste of a big bottle.  


Linzi Louisa said...

I love the smell of Aussie Products, when you walk down the Hair Care aisle at my local supermarket they are all you can smell lol Love your blog hun! I've followed :-)

Alice said...

The smell of this shampoo is amazing! ahhh it's literally my favourite scent at the moment! not only does the shampoo help de-frizz my hair but leaves it smelling absolutely gorgeous too.. I need a body butter or something that smells like it! way too addicted! xxx