Friday, 25 January 2013

Kiehl's event : Liverpool


Laura from ( and I were so bored of all the beauty blogger events happening down South and we noticed there are a lot of Kiehl's events going on throughout the country, so we stopped by at our local store in Liverpool which is beautiful, a beauty bloggers paradise. The helpful lady told us if we gathered blog addresses for those bloggers who are interested we could hold an event at the store with a free pamper session and have the opportunity to sample the amazing products! 

SO, if you are from Liverpool or the North West and are interested, please let either Laura or myself know by leaving your blog address below in a comment or tweeting/direct messaging us on twitter : @Smokeyblush or @LaurasHaven

Hopefully, once we gather everyone's blog addresses we can hand them into the Kiehl's store so we can organise our little blogger meetup!

Hope you can join us in the fun!!!

Lauren and Laura 


Sam Hutchinson said...

I'm definitely interested, sounds fab! is my email or you can tweet me anytime @samlikesjam if you need to :-)

Sam Hutchinson said...

Forgot my blog address haha, it's :-)

Anonymous said...

This sounds fantastic, my blog address is:
And my email:

mintyessence said...

I am so interested! Here's my details:

Heidi Nagaitis said...

Sounds great! I hate that I always miss events because I'm up north. I blog at :) Heidi x

Julie-Ann Fortune said...

Sounds fab! Id love to come im from Liverpool xx

Betty Bee said...

Sounds fab. My blog is and my email is


Megan said...

I'm definitely interested!x

Katie said...

I wanna come!

Laura Hyatt said...

Defiantly interested :) Ive always wanted to go to a meet up, but being NW its not so common.


youralmostalice said...

Id be interested in this, i live in the North West and within travelling distance to Liverpool!

Natalie xx

Jo BeautyandtheBooks said...

Definitely interested!

Em said...

I would definitely be interested in joining you and meeting you :)



Em’s Mixed Bag

lalalucy1000 said...

Heyy yea im from Liverpool, be interested in a meet up xx

lalalucy1000 said...

Ahh forgot to leave my blog address its

Laura said...

I'd love to come if this is still going ahead!

Beauty Lover's Notes x

Anita Pun said...

not sure whether this is still on or not but I'm interested!!