Tuesday, 8 January 2013

To Dip-dye or not?

 To Dip Dye?!

I may be a little late on this bandwagon (approx 2 years) however, I am THAT bored of my plain jane hair that something has to be done! And this thing is DIP DYE. I have always loved the look, I've just never had the guts to take the step.
Rather than doing it myself, I've booked an appointment at Dye!Dye!Dye! in the heart of Liverpool who know everything about the trend. I've stuck with my natural colour for years and it's time to get something a little low key yet defining. I have naturally brown hair with hints of copper, and I'm thinking of going for a subtle blonde/honey at the bottom tips. I was looking through all  the bloggers that have this going on right now, including Lily Pebbles and Zoe from London Lipgloss. However, It was Liv Purvis from from 'what Olivia did' that has made me take the big step! Her natural looking brown waves with a hint of blonde at the tips looks beautiful effortlessly!

Stay tuned for the results....


KylieR said...

Ooooo exciting I have ombre ends, I do love it but also miss my brunette locks! I just get to bored all the time. Excited to see your results! x

EllieAlice said...

Just followed you! :)

I've been thinking of doing exactly the same, cant wait to see it! x


Bess O said...

Do it! Hair grows after all! xxx