Tuesday, 9 October 2012



I was kindly given this as a present from my beautiful friend Zena whom I ventured to Japan with, so thank you! First of all, how pretty does this look please? The three goods come in the most amazing little box which Is now taking it's proud place in the bathroom, it stands out amongst my normal beauty products because it boasts pretty colours with an oriental touch. The pretty design comes from the Japanese and Korean Collections of de Gournay’s exquisite, hand-painted wallpaper designs. In the box contains three beautifully rose-scented goods.

Firstly, the Moroccan Rose Otto body wash (50ml); the smell is the first thing you'll notice, the rose-infused gel smells light and delightful and it smells like a luxury product. This product had won the InStyle beauty award for ten years running so I was ready to use it! It's gel based so I found it didn't lather as much in comparison to other drugstore body washes but it's sleek feel spread easily and left smooth skin behind. The pump was a little difficult to use at times, especially when you have slippy hands from being in the shower!

Secondly, the Moroccan Rose Otto Bath Oil (50ml); again it smells amazing. I am usually a little wary of using bath oils for conditioning my skin. I'm picky. This stuff is goodness in a bottle. It's a little pricey if bought full size on it's own (£30) but maybe worth buying if you're looking for something that will last you a lot of baths. You only need a little for it to go along way. The Rose Otto extract is one of the purist and reserved oils in the world so you know it'll do good. Use a couple of capfuls to put into the bath. It will dissolve into the bath water and will make you feel relaxed and leave your skin feeling beautiful! Ahh, bliss.

Lastly, the Moroccan Rose Otto body cream (30ml); I really do like this, it's a really beautiful motisturiser that helps balance out moisture barriers and now that it's winter, It helps those little patches that get left alone under tights and jumpers! It's really good  for continued hydrating and I think the cream will last a good while. The scent is yet again completely natural and it smells amazing!

This is a great idea for a gift for christmas and I know you organised bloggers are already shopping so consider this! Definitely worth a look! Let me know if you've tried any of these!

Lauren x


Becky said...

I love these types of sets as they give you the chance to test the products without forking out for the full size plus they make great gifts which you have discovered :-)

beckys makeup

Rachel Widmer L said...

Would love to try the bath oil or body wash - they sound lovely! Really like how Ren products are free from all the chemical preservatives etc!

Rachel from whatabeauty.co.uk

The Neemly said...

I love REN! Haven't tried their bathcare products though, but love their skincare - the Radiance line is amazing!

Lisa Truong said...

I'm sensitive to some REN items, but the ones I'm not, I like!

Found you via twitter! :)


FBTemily said...

I love bath oil so I would definitely try this out, and I can already imagine the smell! Xxx

Lauren Burke said...

Thanks for checking my post, the bath oil is my favourite! It's really really nice, and smells heavenly. Leaves you feeling relaxed and it doesn't cling to your skin after the bath!

Lauren xxx