Tuesday, 30 October 2012

October Haul!

Firstly, sorry about the size of the picture! Glasses on.
So, I went and did a little bit of shopping this month, and here is what i bought! Less beauty than usual, but focusing on SALES and of course HALLOWEEN! (BEWAAAAREEE)

If you fancy a bargain, head to WHISTLES and WAREHOUSE who still have sales going on! My Black warehouse dress is my cat dress for Halloween alongside my tail, cat shoes and cat ears! 
My favourite item has to be my Topshop boots, my hefty buy of the month, but these beauties are a statment for your winter wardrobe, and with student discount, it wasn't too steep for some boots that will last a long time!
Cheapest buy; the MUA heaven and earth palette, amazingly cheap for 12 eyeshadows, I've reviewed it in my last post, have a look!
How cute are my cat pumps from ACCESSORIZE !

Have you got any of these items? Which ones do you like most?

Lauren x


Floral Danielle said...

Love the cat shoes and the MUA palette! :)

Laura Gois said...

I lurve this top so much! The picture doesn't do it's beauty justice <3

TheImperfectBeauty said...

I couldnt find a cat tail ANYWHERE!:( My argument was I was a manx cat..they dont have tails haha

Hola Bambi said...

Cute boots xx

Martha Woods said...

Those flats are beyond cute!!

I tagged you in a blogger tag btw! http://quickcheapandpretty.blogspot.com/2012/10/blogger-tag.html

KylieR said...

I got a mua palette finally yesterday, love it!! I got the 'undressed' one!

Ravinder Osahn said...

Omg that MUA palette is a dupe of the NAKED 2 palette :) Nice buys!