Thursday, 11 October 2012

Clinique Even Better Foundation


Although I have quite fair skin, I do like a good coverage, something to hide the big old bags under my eyes and to even out different skin tones across my face. I have combination skin and with nearly an hour with the Clinique lady at Liverpool Debenhams, I picked my foundation to match my skin map. Benefits to this liquid foundation is that it's a fairly good coverage, anti-ageing, mineral enriched, long wearing and equals out uneven skin tones. It has SPF 15 protection to help prevent future hyper-pigmentation and uneven skin tones.

 I do love the coverage, but as every day wear, I'm scared I might run out very quickly, the bottle is smaller than expected! It does give a bright healthy glow! I think I might have to invest in the Clinique 'brighter eyes' to correct my dark circles as the foundation doesn't cover them alone. *sighs*
What I like most is that you can use it for light or heavy coverage depending on what you want. Using more doesn't make it more noticeable at all. I love the light weight feel and it lasts me all day!

There are 26 shades to choose from but make sure you go and try with the help of a Clinique professional! They are always happy to help!

Have you tried any Clinique foundations?! Let me know what others ones you have tried!

Lauren x


alliejayne said...

I've always loved Clinique products but never actually tried one of their foundations! 26 different shades is fab though! No excuse to have a dodgy colour match :)



BeautyByDm said...

I've never tried anything from them but I received a voucher for a free Clinique lipstick recently. Will be interesting to see what I think :D

Judy said...

We seem to have similar skin type/tone. Which shade did you picked up?
I've been using the Clinique Even Better Serum and Moisturizer and find this could improve even more my uneven skintone!

Judy. xx

Lauren Burke said...

Hello Judy! I picked the 01 alabaster shade! There are 26 shades so it's worth going in to have a look at them all and one of the Clinique ladies will match you to a colour! How is the Even Better serum and moitsturiser?

Thanks for checking my post!

Lauren x

Sophie said...

I honestly haven't tried any before but really want to!! xxx

Home of Fashion said...

Love the Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturiser. It is quite light os doesn't feel like your face is caked with make up.

smilesammy44 said...

I haven't tried any Clinique products yet, but I definitely want to! Heard such great things about them :) xx

fashionismyh2o said...

I'm glad you had a fab experience with this, I love Clinique but my skin is just so so sensitive it always seems to break me out!