Wednesday, 5 December 2012

TAG: My Beauty Firsts

Hello there!

 I know I've been away for a while, I'm drowning in university work and I'm currently ill, but I promise to be back to beauty reviews next week, I have lots of review!!
 I have an exam tomorrow, but this morning Laura tagged me in the ' Beauty Firsts' tag and I immediately though, voilaa....procrastination at it's best!
This was originally done by Lily Pebbles and Anna ( Vivanna does makeup) on Youtube but Laura created the blog version! So thanks for tagging me, here are the questions :

What was your earliest beauty memory?

Believe it or not, I was involved in a few stage shows and I remember first coming across the world of makeup when I was performing Les Miserables or Around the World in 80 days age 10?! Although it was stage makeup, and it was orange, I remember thinking it was really cool and grown up.

What was your first beauty purchase?

Ohh, I remember looking like I've rolled around in a Barry M stand so probably something along the lines of a super bright glittery eyeshadow or a big thick black liner.

When did you first wear makeup?

Probably for my drama shows, I remember looking like a sweaty oompa-lumpa with mad eyebrows.

What was your first beauty disaster?

Tricky, nothing springs to mind, but I remember in my emo days of listening to Fall Out Boy I'd have green glittery eyeshadow with big black winged eyeliner and bushy mis-shaped eyebrows. ( yes my eyebrows were really horrendous)

Who was your first beauty crush?

Probably someone like Ashley Simpson, she was going out with Pete Wentz who was my crush for like 5 years. I was jealous of her dewy skin and doe eyes. Rocking the emo look 2k7.

What was your first beauty brand crush?

I did love Barry M, it was cheap and colourful and also Max Factor. High end, most probably Urban Decay. I remember buying a bright green metallic  liquid eyeliner, wowza.

 What's your longest standing beauty love?

I do love love love the Benefit Smokey Eye palette, because I've used it on my eyebrows for years now. I can't use pencils on my eyebrows and I find it so hard to find colours to match without creating a scouse brow. 

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Fun tag! And I liked your answers too, of course :)